Psychology Expert Witness


Dr. Clarfield has been involved in litigation across the nation and is available for work throughout the United States. She is currently licensed in California having also been licensed in Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Dr. Clarfield provides consultation, psychological assessments and expert witness testimony, for both plaintiff and defense counsel, in cases involving personal injury, employment issues and psychologist malpractice.

Dr. Clarfield has experience assessing psychological damage associated with alleged maltreatment of children and adults with autism and other developmental disability in schools and in the workplace.  She has provided damages assessments in cases with multiple plaintiffs and plaintiffs alleging defamation related to cyberbullying.

Areas of Expertise:

    • Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
    • Suspected Malingering
    • Defamation and cyberbullying
    • Damages due to police violence
    • First responders, law enforcement, military
    • Psychological Damages
    • Disability / Impairment
    • Harassment & Discrimination Claims
    • Employment Screening for law enforcement personnel and first responders

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Client Comments
“You make so much sense and are so helpful.”
“You have saved us millions of dollars.”