alexandra clarfield phd
photo by Jon Klein

Alexandra Clarfield, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of diverse experience. She has worked in settings with children, adolescents and adults. She has worked on Native American reservations, military installations, and with the Veterans Administration. She has extensive training in treating PTSD and trauma. Dr. Clarfield provides consulting, psychological assessments and expert witness testimony, for both plaintiff and defense counsel, in cases involving personal injury, employment issues and psychologist malpractice, as well as issues arising from alternative treatment modalities. See Psychologist Expert Witness.

She is a Qualified Medical Examiner providing Workers’ Compensation Evaluations in the State of California. She also provides or has provided the following evaluations:

  • Military Chapter Evaluations
  • Bariatric surgery and other medical evaluations
  • State of California Disability Determination
  • California Highway Patrol and other peace officer evaluations both independently and through California Human Resources
  • Educational assessment for children
  • Employment screenings and evaluations for air traffic controllers and pilots, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Mental health diagnostic evaluations for all ages
  • Fitness to practice for the California Board of Registered Nursing

Dr. Clarfield has extensive experience with children and families. See About.

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